Welcome to the cbx 750 place

Welcome to the cbx 750f RC17 Blog. I wanted to get started with wordpress, and i decided to write someting about the Honda cbx 750f motorcycle. I own one of these, and i like the bike, it handles really well, great power (for its age 🙂 ).


Slipping clutch

Your clutch slips at high rpm/ horse power? Mine did too, checked the plates, all within margin!, ok then it must be the diapragma spring right? so i replaced it, but still slipping, grrrr. Then i found the problem…
See the wear in the pic?, thats causing the clutch to slip!cbx

altenator chain replacement

Ok, the tensioner broke down and a terrible sound was coming out the engine. I bought the bike 3 week before this hapened, i was determened to fix it, and i did. Here are some ics:

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suspention bolt

One day i had to replace the rear tyre, no big deal. I removed the wheel, en then suddenly i saw that 1 of the mono shock bolts was broken! o.m.g that could have killed me. My advise, check your suspension bolts!


There ia a dvd, a must-see it really improves your cornering, here’s the title:
“a twist of the wrist 2”